Pearl Services
  • Recommend vendors

  • Review vendor arrangements

  • Direct the rehearsal

  • Coordinate the wedding day

  • Up to five hours of orchestration at the wedding and reception

Ruby Services

Pearl Services plus: 

  • Three-hour consultation

  • Up to ten hours of orchestration at the wedding and reception

  • Advice on wedding etiquette

  • Oversee the wedding reception

  • Contact all wedding vendors two weeks prior to the event to confirm orders, confirm the wedding reception, handle special requests, and go over final details 

Gold Services

Ruby Services plus:

  • Attend appointments throughout the planning (Maximum of 3 with availability)

  • Prepare programs

  • Detailed reception timeline

  • Help with ceremony creation

  • Itinerary for wedding participants mailed or delivered

  • Instructions mailed or delivered to wedding party

  • Track fittings and payments of wedding party

  • Provide refreshments and toiletries to wedding party

Diamond Services

Gold Services plus:

  • Communicate with and schedule the wedding party

  • Instruct wedding party throughout planning

Additional Services:
  • Bridal shower arrangements

  • Honeymoon suite design

  • Rehearsal dinner planning

  • Seating arrangement planning

*Large wedding parties will require additional fees, Out of town travel require additional fees*